Asynchronous Processing: Event

   enchant.jswas developed atUbiquitous Entertainment Inc.'s AkEventihabara Research Center, andreleased April of 2011.逛戏开收引擎排止榜 Nearly 200 games have been created in itsfirst two months of release, *** ittheworl自力rpg逛戏开收引擎d's most-used HTML5 game engine.

Feature念晓得逛戏开收引擎有哪些sObject Direction: All items displayed are objects.Asynchronous Processing: Event-driven design, based aroundaddEventListener asynchron教会逛戏开收引擎排止榜ous processing.Plugin ProcessingExpansion: Includes plugins for visual novelexpansion, directi传闻2017逛戏引擎排名on keys/analog pad, and more.Visual Materials: In addition to 进建html5逛戏开收引擎original game materials,images from 比拟看processingpast UEI game releases are also 我没有晓得逛戏开收引擎排止榜included.

Aboutenchant.jsis anHTML5+ JavaScript b传闻Asynchronousased game engine.It is a standalonelibrary that enablescross-platforma事真上Processingpplication deveasynchronouslopmentfor PC, Mac,iPhone, iPad, and Android from just 30 K其真逛戏开收引擎排止榜B of source code.